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International Master’s Degree Program in Agribusiness Management, NPUST


AFA young Farmer Forum


Participants: Dr. Huang, Wen-Chi, Mr. Huang, Daniel Yenliang , Mr. Tsai, Hsieh-Liang, Mr. Fang,Shuei-Sheng, Ms. Tsai, Shu-Hui, Ms. Yang, Ya-Ting,

Results of the meeting

1. To obtain agricultural land is difficult, if buying the investment cost will be too great; if rent it, the land was too scattered, block will be too small, and the landowners do not want a long-term lease. It causes the farmers who plant the fruit is easy to encounter just to recover the cost, but the land was recovered this situations.

2.To hire temporary workers is difficult, if want to hire experienced workers is more difficult. When encountered busy period, it is easy happen a situation, workers were difficult to hire. Because of production period only few months, if hired long-term workers will waste manpower cost.

3.If the young farmers do not have agriculture experience or their family never working in agriculture, it is difficult have opportunity to success. Because they do not know how to deal with the problem of the encounter, so it is easy to fail.

4.It is difficult to with distributors have any bargain. If you do not have ability, the price only control by distributors.

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