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International Master’s Degree Program in Agribusiness Management, NPUST



Ainoukai was formed in 1945 to help construct ideal rural villages where love and peace prevail. It has around 300 members, 100
supporters, and 700 magazine subscribers who believe that the conservation and sound development of agriculture is indispensable to the attainment of world peace. It conducts a course on organic farming, acts as a certification body for the Japanese JAS organic agriculture food standard, conducts training program in forestry and agriculture technology based on the Ainou spirit, pub-lishes a monthly newsletter, organizes an international exchange program, and matches youth who want to go into farming with villages who want to have new farmers.

Address: 690-1 Befu Igashi Mie-ken, Japan 518-0221

Phone: 81-595-52-0108
Fax: 81-595-52-0109
E-mail: honbu@ainou.or.jp; tsuboi@ainou.or.jp
Website: http://www.ainou.or.jp

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